About us

Cathy Atlanta (Professional Blog Writer)

Every day the internet grows increasingly more important for businesses. In turn, blogs are becoming increasingly more powerful tools when used properly.

I’ve found that the very best blogs:

– Contain no “fluff” or useless content. Instead, they are filled with relevant, actionable information

– Are written for the humans that will be reading them (not written primarily with search engines in mind)

I work with small B2B and B2C businesses to help them get the most from their blogs.

By providing content with real value and writing in a way that appeals to a specific target audience, I ensure that readers come back for more. This alone increases the chances of generating new customers and, eventually, brand advocates.


What I Help Clients to Gain:

✔ Credibility and authority within their industry

✔ Both loyal and new site visitors or customers


The Numbers:

? I’ve maintained an approval rate of 97.5% or higher at Onespace on 80+ copywriting projects

? I’ve received several 4 and 5-star reviews from clients at BlogMutt, where I write mainly for small digital marketing agencies

? I’ve also received 5-star reviews and positive comments from all completed Upwork contracts to date

– 100% of my clients would recommend me

– 67% have been repeat clients